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CD - Hayden's Dream

CD - Hayden's Dream

$ 10.00

"Hayden's Dream" is a selection of readings from the Snow on Water website, read by artist/poet Harry D Hudson. Each essay, poem, or haibun explores our miraculous connection to the sacred landscapes around us. It has been described as masterful, awesome, and riveting.

"I have often been asked to read my material, and just as often if I have recordings of them. I have created a set of readings, as a spoken word album with music as they are presented in installations and events. This set includes Hayden's Dream, the trilogy Green Apples, Fireflies, and Tarantula Wasp, essays Blue Gray, and Calanais, the poem Wáshitá, the three haibun of Horseshoe Crabs, and essays Sycamore, Equinox, and Trillium. The nine pieces speak of awakening to miracles within the commonplace experiences of our lives. Many experience deep relaxation, and often drift into trance on hearing the work. I hope that it touches and inspires you, and opens you to the possibilities within the dream of your life." - Harry D Hudson

Music and Words by Harry D Hudson.

9 tracks, 50 minutes 

Hayden’s Dream        13:35
Green Apples              6:30
Blue Gray                    3:59
Calanais                      2:43
Washita                       2:45
Horseshoe Crabs        5:16
Sycamore                    3:52
Heaven on Earth         3:04
Trillium                       7:26    

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"Hayden’s Dream"

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