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Ceramic Plate - Heron goes Hungry

Ceramic Plate - Heron goes Hungry

$ 150.00

One of a kind Haiga plate by artist/poet Harry D Hudson. Haiga is the illustrated form of haiku.

"seeing herself / the heron / goes hungry" 

Haiku Ceramics were created as a natural extension of bringing haiku into everyday experience with objects that are in use, acknowledging all instances as moments worthy of record. The open forms of bowls, plates and platters lend themselves to the expansive nested circles of haiku imagery. A rustic patina speaks to a life lived hands-on, engaged with all the hours. 

10.5 - 10.75" diameter, 1.5" deep

These ceramics are food safe and hand washable. Glazed front, unglazed back.

Learn more about Harry D Hudson, his art, poetry and music at