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Bio - Harry Duane Hudson - Artisan & Co-Founder

Starting his adult life as a biologist seemed like the "correct" path to take, but artist Harry D Hudson quickly realized there was something amiss. His return to school for a second degree, in art this time, opened the doors for a clearer understanding of his journey. His practical side led him to Graphic Designs after school and he moved to Austin to work for an innovative and highly productive company that produced designs for consumer/commercial applications. His work there, while highly prized in the industry left him craving a more enlightened approach to the artistic life.

In Santa Fe he met his future wife, Katherine, while working as a printmaker in a fine art printmaking studio. Their moves, from Santa Fe to Tennessee and eventually to Vermont created "space" in his life to pursue his own art making. A ten year walking meditation and collaborative project with his poet sister led to a body of haiku poetry and essays that has further led to a multimedia body of work that includes; written and auditory works, music, photographic prints, drawings and paintings and ultimately a book and installation incorporating elements of all of these media. Harry has also found time to create a grouping of Haiga ceramics based on his poetry and accompanying drawings.

As one of the founders of Atelier Annex, Harry has brought his many years of graphic design to use, providing effective marketing and sales materials as well as helping to create guidelines for the overall aesthetic relevant to the company's branding.

Find more of Harry's work in haiku and essays on living a life of resonance at Snow on Water.