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Featuring the Japanese shakuhachi flute, the audio CD’s of original music are meditative soundtracks or engaging spoken word readings with original music accompaniment.

“Brush and Drum” features his spoken word haiku and musical accompaniment. “The Season Suite” is its complementary celebration of the four seasons in the tradition of haiku books. “Snow on Water” is the music soundtrack to installations of the work in gallery and art spaces. “Hayden’s Dream” is a collection of readings set to music drawn from the Snow on Water website. Each essay, poem, or haibun explores our miraculous connection to the sacred landscapes around us. It has been described as masterful, awesome, and riveting. “Box of Strings” is the culmination of fifty years of collecting guitars and the styles they are played in. As a compilation diverse in style and range. Most tracks were recorded in a single take, in the improvisational style Harry brings to festivals, benefits, and video.