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These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things


One of my favorite things is my collection of ceramics, given to me by a friend. Years ago, she started taking pottery classes, frequenting the pottery wheel a few times a week, enough to amass several dozen bowls, mugs and cups. One day, before she moved across the country, she gifted me with several items of each. She expressed dismay over the array of mismatching colors and the slight imperfections in form. 

"Are you kidding?!" I said. "They're absolutely perfect."

I use them every single day, for every meal I make at home. When I reach for them in the cupboard, I think of her, guiding the clay into a shape, painting the glaze, passing it onto the kiln, uncertain of what would emerge. It's items like these we look for at Atelier Annex to make our homes special.

Take a look at our online catalog Particular Content's 2017 Spring Curated Collection, which gathers together elegant silk pillows and lambswool throws in warm neutrals to adorn furniture, fine art photography prints and watercolor-based greeting cards to ponder over, ceramic platters, a live edge cheeseboard and table linens to enhance a tablescape, beeswax candles and an instrumental cd of meditative guitar music all gathered together to evoke the mood of Spring. 

Part of the reason Atelier Annex is introducing a collection of curated items into a collection from our catalog of fine artisanal home decor is to encourage you to discover the many ways to incorporate artisanal products into your home. We want to share the same joy and pleasure we have from filling our homes with thoughtful, well-considered objects made by artisans to be both functional and admired for their beauty. We hope you enjoy these works of art in your home as much as we do.

It's why we say "the art of being home."



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