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The Art of Being Home

There is an art to making a home, it is more than the architectural bones or style, more than a price tag or a label ... it is in the curation of the details and the sense of making a space one's own. Everything you bring into your home has a story, is well crafted and meaningful. Everything we want to share with you is crafted with care and respect for materials and for the eventual owner by artists who believe in their work. Our luxe home decor is suitable for barn-home, farmhouse, loft, townhouse, manse or chateau... we coined the hashtag #barnchateau to describe a style that encompasses the spectrum of style. 

Our online catalog provides a primary resource showcasing a curated selection of timeless and well-considered works  with original pieces that may be found in exclusive venues throughout the country, or through our online catalog. Each piece is inspired by the maker's myriad interests and meanderings across the globe. We invite you into their studios in ways that are not available anywhere else, with unique one-of-a-kind items and a particular eye to the kind of living we all aspire to: easy, meditative, effortlessly elegant, timeless and creative.
                                                                                                     The Art of Being Home... 

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